Food Waste Composting

Food & Organic Composting Program

St. Louis Composting makes it easy for restaurants, food manufacturers and service providers to slow the stream of ozone-depleting organic waste buried at landfills while making Mother Earth more bountiful – naturally. We collect organic material from participating food outlets and for the next three months manage moisture, nitrogen, oxygen and temperature levels to create ideal conditions for the magical microbial activity that transforms it into nutrient-rich compost.

Considering that a typical restaurant generates 50 tons of organic waste each year, the effort is worthwhile. It’s also a boon to local growers since an increased supply of quality-certified compost boosts the amount of patron-pleasing naturally grown produce available to restaurateurs. It’s the perfect circle of garden to table and back again.

And doing your part is a cinch. Program participants simply discard organic leftovers separately from regular trash. Because organics are the heaviest material found in typical throw-aways, removing them drastically reduces the price tag to haul off waste – a savings that creates a potential cost-neutral (and sometimes even lower cost) way to join our eco-friendly food recycling movement.

If you are interested in having one of our experts visit your business to discuss the details of recycling your food waste email Tyler Loucky at